09 December 2012

Christmas Jammies!

 I love starting Christmas traditions and as soon as I had 2 kiddos I knew I wanted to get them matching jammies. Katelyn has had Christmas jammies for every Christmas so of course Will needed them too! Do you know how hard it is to find decent priced, matching pajamas, and for different genders??!? Of course you can go to Pajamagram and pay $35 for a zip up sleeper for a baby...umm no Thank you! Luckily, I started this search as soon as they brought out the Christmas stuff so I just grabbed 2 in the "Boy" section at Carters. They don't look too boyish do they?!? I was hoping to find some in the girls section that were matching (colors maybe switched or something) to a pair in the boys section, but no luck. I think they look darling and quite comfy in them none the less! And of course, they'll be wearing them all winter too! Gotta get your money's worth right??

Will wasn't a big fan of the hat

Nor was he a fan of sitting still for more than 2 seconds. Boy this kid is getting hard to photograph!

But not Katelyn, still the same usual ham!

I love this one!



Not sure if you're able to see it but he has a tear under each of his eyes. He wasn't sure this was such a good idea...until Daddy came over to help!
I just love this time of year and it's all the  more magical when you have 2 little ones to share  it with and a 3 year old who is still a believer! Ahhh it gives me the warm fuzzies!!!

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