30 December 2012

Christmas in Missouri!

There was plenty of cousin time this trip and both girls seemed to have a blast! Now Katelyn is spoiled with having someone to play with for the last 2 weeks and won't stop asking me to play with her. Guess some of the housework will just have to wait!


Will and David having a little discussion!

Time to open presents!! And Katelyn got the doll house she asked Santa for....she was so excited!

Looking at all the fun they are going to have!

They got Doc McStuffin's doctor bags and.....

Doctor jackets! Dr. Katelyn Johannes at your service!

2 cute doctors ready to fix your ailments!

And then there was Will, loving ALL the wrapping paper!

Where's Will?!

He actually got into opening a little more. I guess by the 3rd Christmas he figured out what he was supposed to do. He even started crawling over to other people's packages and trying to rip them open.

Go Will Go!

Having fun with their Barbie DreamHouse! I think the elevator was probably the biggest hit of the house.

We got together with 3 of Jack's High school friends and their families on Friday afternoon. Boy how times have changed!! As Jack said, next time we're going to have to rent a gym out to get together! It was so fun to see and meet all the kiddos! We aren't outnumbered by kids.....yet! 6 kids under the age of 3.5! Ahh the chaos and trouble they will be getting into all too soon. It was so much fun to catch up with old friends; I just wish we could do it more often. It is difficult when one couple lives in FL, another in AZ and then wherever we are at the time.

And there is ALWAYS time for dress up!

Of course we had to get a little swimming time in too!
And then we got MORE snow on Friday night and into Saturday. It was the prettiest snow; especially since we didn't have anywhere really to go. We probably got another 3 inches or so. The trees just looked absolutely beautiful!

Even Will liked the Barbie Dream House!

The girls had to give us several "Shows" too. They were pretty hilarious but the 2 songs from the microphone got REEAALLLY old! 

Here's a few videos from our many "shows" we got.....

We went over to Jack's cousin Donna's house for an extended family Christmas. Here are the kids before leaving. Will and David could be models for the Carter's Christmas line. :)

And Grammie got LOTSSS of check ups and blood pressure checks....most of the time 2 checks at the same time!

Just look at this beautifulness! 
What a way to end our Christmas holiday!

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