07 February 2013

Lil Valentine's Party

We had a lil Valentines party after school today. I tried to make everything as much "heart" related as possible. We had heart grilled cheese sandwiches and decorated heart sugar cookies. I also had these little foam hearts to decorate but the kids were having more fun playing "Family" downstairs. No worries. It is nice that they have been playing so well together lately and usually play family. Katy is the Mom, Liam the Dad or Knight and Katelyn the baby or puppy. Don't ask me how this is always the way it works out, but it does!

Katelyn got a new carseat a week or so ago and I made it into a "house." I cut a door and window. This has been the biggest hit lately! You can't really see but the 3 Bigs are inside this carseat box and David is trying to peak in. They were just having a blast! Who needs toys when there are boxes. Katelyn and Will are going to love packing haha!

Cookie decorating time - in a princess dress none the less!
Focusing so hard

The crew!

Even Will wanted to get in on the action!

A fun lil get together with great friends!

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