14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Shenanigans!

Here are our Valentine's Day shenanigans! What a fun, busy, lovely day!! Katelyn was sooo excited to go to school this morning and had a blast. I'm sure she had her sugar intake for the week just in one morning. But that's ok.....Valentine's day is only once a year!

She wrote her name on all her valentine's. It took a bit but she did really well.

Shirts that I made for the kids. They looked so cute in them ;)

Valentine's Morning. Katelyn was SOO excited to leave for school. Will was pretty stoked for Vday too...can't ya tell?! hehe

A little picture before Daddy headed off to work.

And even Mommy got a picture with her Prince Charming :) Love my boy!!

Katelyn with her friend Katy at school. They were both very excited for the party and excited that they were both wearing matching shirts....the color that is.

Passing out Valentines to all her friends. In other words - CHAOS!!

Katelyn with her buddies...Katy and Liam and their loaded Valentine mailboxes. (Katelyn's box wasn't holding up too well.....she lost the letter 'T' from her name. Guess we'll be making a new one next year!)

Friends from school....Ethan and Kathleen and Ethan's sister.

The LOOT! Fortunately some people didn't give candy...but pencils instead.

Once again....Katelyn has A-MAZ-ING teachers. They are always coming up with the cutest things. This is the valentines card that she made for us. ADORABLE!!
And then we had a little Valentine gift for the kids too.

Will wasn't sure what he was supposed to do at first and then once the paper from the bag started coming out, he dug right in.

Katelyn got Peter Pan -Diamond Edition. (I had to put the DE on here because she has been calling dvds by their name and then adding diamond edition to the end of all the titles because she's heard it on tv. It's hilarious!) She was so excited and couldn't wait to watch it. We almost couldn't get through dinner!

And Will got a new John Deere tractor that makes noise when you push the buttons on top. (Shh don't tell him that it was supposed to be his stocking at Christmas but got forgotten! He has plenty in it anyways, so this worked out perfectly!)  His favorite one to push is the one that says "Nothing Runs Like A Deere." He was so excited to push the buttons. I just loved his reaction.
And there you have it. That was our day yesterday in a nutshell. Crazy, busy, and fun! It was wonderful to be able to spend it with those that I love the most!! I love my little family so much! I hope your day was equally as special!

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