03 February 2013

Super Bowl Party

After our busy last couple of days of Jack getting promoted and having a house full of company it was time to continue the party! Our family left this morning and after a few quiet hours we headed over to watch (ahem chase kids) during the Super Bowl. Jack got to watch at least, but I didn't even see many of the commercials. But, it didn't seem like I missed to much. They'll just replay the commercials tomorrow.

Ashleigh's cute juice boxes for the kids and BOY were they excited about these juice boxes. I just love the little things that bring them so much excitement!

Will and David playing while the Dad's watch football downstairs.

The men watching the game.

Let's not forget the "Bigs".  They were having fun playing who knows what at this point!

Silly faces from Katelyn and Liam.
We had a great time tonight with friends but I'm looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow. Katelyn back to school and starting to get the house back in order.

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