12 February 2013

Soccer - last session

Katelyn had her last soccer session tonight. She made it through 6 weeks and I think she came away with a little soccer knowledge. The first session was rough. She got pretty frustrated after a while because she just got tired of kicking it back and forth. But as the sessions went on, they did a little more -started shooting goals, passing and dribbling and she stayed interested. Jack would "quiz" her before each session about what part of the foot do we use to kick with, do we use hands, what's this called, what's that called and she would usually do pretty well. I think the 6 week, $20 mini session did it's job. She walked away with a little green Ft. Leonard Wood "Mini Kickers" shirt and a "Gold" soccer medal. She was SOO excited to get her "gold medal" as she called it tonight.

Will was dying to get in on the action!

Trapping the ball

Shooting a goal and trying to aim to knock down one of the cones. Jack would point at the cone to hit and she got it about 50% of the time. Pretty good for a 3 year old.

And then it was medal time. Notice the excitement on her face!

So proud of her medal!!
In 2 weeks T-ball starts and I'm pumped for that. Jack told her that Mommy would be her "Coach" for t-ball. I'll let you know how it goes!

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