09 February 2013

Promotion Party

Not a lot of pictures but here are a few. Jack and 4 other guys that have been recently promoted went together and threw a promotion party. They had it at Buffalo Wild Wings and I would guess that probably 50ish people showed up. We just hung out in the bar area and the guys paid for appetizers and drinks for 3 hours. We were able to run up a tab to almost $1200! I think everyone had a great time and enjoyed hanging out. We were able to get a babysitter for the kiddos so we were able to enjoy ourselves for 3 hours and not be chasing littles everywhere. I was a little nervous about how well Will would do, but I put him down for his nap right as Malia was showing up and he slept for a couple hours and woke up to her and was fine.! Praise the LORD! I was just waiting for the text saying that he had been crying for 2 hours straight and I'd need to come home and get him. Hopefully we can have a few more nights/afternoons out before we leave since we finally found someone. It always seems that we find a babysitter about 6 months before we have to pcs. What is our luck?!  We'll just have to enjoy it while we have her available. (She's actually one of Katelyn's gymnastics coaches so Katelyn was SUPER excited for her to come over and play.)

Everyone enjoying themselves!

Even David got in on the appetizer action!

Great friends - Emily and Ashleigh!

A great afternoon and party!

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