21 February 2013

Snow Day

Katelyn had her first "snow day" today. I remember as a kid how excited we were when we got a snow day because they were few and far between. I can probably count on 1 hand the number of days we got off for snow and now they seem to let them out if they are calling for snow. Must be nice! Anyways, I was not too excited that she got a snow day today because Jack has been gone since Monday and will be gone until next Friday and she's already out of school on Fridays. So, this  just meant we were going to have a LONNGG weekend. And the icing....Post was closed too. So, if Jack would have been here, he would of been home with us...in which case I would have been A-OK when this snow day. But I regress.......

So we made the best out of our stuck in the house day or 2 that it might turn out to be.
We made home made pizzas for lunch. We had recently gone to a friends house for lunch and she had an awesome pizza crust recipe so she passed it on. It was delicious and turned out great!


We didn't get "snow" but little ice pellets instead. This is the deck about early afternoon. Yuck!

Kiddos watching the snow coming down.
And we did plenty of this during our snow day......staying warm on the couch while watching a movie.

But what is a snow day without venturing out to play....or try to play.

The ice was so solid that she didn't even make footprints when she walked.

And Will was not such a big fan of it. Too cold I guess.

A little iced over!
We found a ruler and Katelyn measured how deep our "ice" was. We had to chisel a spot for her to stick it. 2 inches of mainly ice! Even though I was not too happy with the fact that she was out of school today, I was thankful that they made the right call and I didn't have to drive in that mess.

And then it was time to warm up by our 'fire'! I hope your snow day was nice and cozy like ours was. Hopefully the ice will start to thaw tomorrow so we aren't stuck in the house all weekend. I'll probably need to be admitted to the crazy house if so!  :)

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