15 March 2013

Beautiful Spring Day!

 We're enjoying this beautiful Spring day of 84 degrees. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but it's almost too hot for me.....for spring that is! I mean can't we just get some 70 degree days?!? But, it doesn't appear that spring is here to stay for too long because we're supposed to have our high of 50 early tomorrow morning and then get cooler from then. So for now, we're living in the moment!

Will enjoyed giving his new swing from his birthday a test ride. I thought he may be afraid of swinging because Katelyn was pretty skeptical until a little over a year old. (Keep in mind both kids were addicted to the baby swing. I know, I have crazy kids.) But no tears from him...only smiles! Although there were plenty of tears when it was time to come in. Maybe I can just set up a bed outside for him and he can just live out there....Katelyn too for that matter. They are definitely going to be keeping us outside a lot this spring/summer.

And now for a bunch of pictures!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

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