30 March 2013

Ft. Leonard Wood Easter Egg Hunt and Bunny visiting

 Easter Egg Hunt #3 of the season. Fort Leonard Wood had their post egg hunt and bunny visit today. I mainly just wanted the bunny pictures but the hunt was fine too. It was windy and rather chilly.....not much of an Easter feel.

Will was not convinced the Easter Bunny was a good guy. I love the progression of these pictures. A first look of the paw and thinking where the heck did they put me to a - get me the hell out of here! The minute Jack sat him on EB's lap, Will was twisted around looking at him and I knew he was not going to be a fan!

 They had a little area set up for under 2 years of age and it was just a little photo op area. Very good thinking on their part!

And then the hunt began for the 2-3 year olds. What a chaotic event! There must have been thousands of eggs in the area. There was A guy trying to direct everyone on what to do, with no microphone and no one paying attention. The hunt was supposed to start right at 10, so a few minutes before he directed tried to tell everyone to line up around the rope but enough people either didn't hear the directions or just flat out ignored them and the kids just took off toward the eggs. He tried to yell to stop, but that wasn't going to do any good so he said ok just go. So those people that weren't there a few minutes early......ooops, guess you missed out. It worked out fine by me since it was chilly, Will was getting tired and it meant we could head home a little earlier!

One tired little egg hunter

Checking out what was inside all of the eggs to see if she picked up any lucky eggs


A basketful!

And she found 2 gold coins in 2 of her eggs! So we had to redeem them for prizes- a small squishy ball and a bathtub toy that squirts water.

And Katelyn sat our the Easter baskets for her and Will so the Easter Bunny would be able to find them and fill them. Guess we'll see what he brings in the morning! 

Happy Easter everyone!

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