16 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade

 We went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Rolla today. It started at 11:00 and was the.longest.parade that I can remember. There were sometimes a block spacing in between floats or walkers. I think it also seemed really long because it was a chilly. The kids both had green shirts on, but no one could see because of the coats.
 Katelyn was excited to go to the parade because she was hoping for candy. There wasn't much candy at this parade, but PLENTY of beads.
 And Will, well I thought he'd cash out on the drive to Rolla from screaming so hard at his haircut, but wrong again Mom! He just took it all in and was pretty good through most of it.

We met some friends there so that helped to make things much better too!

Katelyn and Katy
 And it finally started. Oh and it didn't help that we were at the end of the route. Not my choice, but where our friends wanted to sit. So there we went.

Really sportin' her green!

And none of them were fans of anything that was too loud. There was quite a bit of ear covering going on.

The Bigs - Katelyn, Katy and Liam. The littles are back behind.

Even Will got some beads! And liked putting Jack's hat on and off.

My sweet, tired little guy!
Even Momma got in on some of the pictures!

And then one with my sweet girl !
Even though it was chilly and long, we had a good time and Katelyn had fun, so that's what really mattered! 

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