02 March 2013

Milk & Cookies 1st Birthday Party

So by now you all know that Will turned one a week ago. Jack had to go to Las Vegas for work to take a class for 2 weeks and was gone over his real birthday so we just postponed the party until he got back. I struggled with what theme to do for his party. I didn't want to do anything that he would want to do when he got a few years older. So I finally settled on "Cookies and Milk." I think it turned out pretty cute and the party was a success so that's all that matters!


For party favors everyone got a candy bar with a special wrapper and each family got a box with cookies.  When it was time for the treats, I had little milk jugs that I filled with milk and a special straw with a little flag on it.  I also had cupcakes that I cup in half and filled with frosting to look like cookies with frosting in the middle.

 There were 3 cookie jars - one with nutter butters, one with cake pops and one with chocolate dipped oreos. I spray painted some paper mache letters to match the colors of the party and put them on the mantle along with hanging up a picture of each of Will's monthly photo shoots. It was fun to see them all lined up and watch him grow over the year. On the treat table were also chocolate chip, M&M, and 'W' & Milk jug shaped sugar cookies. Will's Banner hanging above the table was shaped like cookies.


We've had such crazy weather the past couple weeks and today was no exception. It snowed pretty hard in the morning and then by afternoon had cleared off. Thank goodness!

Will making up for his lost time with Daddy by trying out or should I say holding a cookie.

Will's party shirt that I made for him.

Finished table! Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Let the party start! Here are Will's "buddies."  All of these littles are named "David." Imagine that!

David and Will eating lunch

Family picture time! I remember this time!

Big kid table.
A little funny thing - before the party started Grandma asked Katelyn if Will's friends were coming to his party and she said "No, Will doesn't have any friends. They are my friends coming." So I guess here is Katelyn with "her" friends. ha!

Will with his "David's." Funny how we knew of no other David's until we moved here and then we have 2 friends with boys by the name of David and then have a nephew with that name as well. Guess we missed the memo on the name! L to R: David H - 15 months, David B - 13 months, Will - 12 months, David K - 9 months.

Singing Happy Birthday to Will

 Will was a little concerned and worried when I striped him down and put him front and center for us to sing some crazy off pitched song. I knew he wasn't going to eat any of the cake but I really REALLY wanted him to make a HUGE mess of the frosting. This is the one time when a mess is A-OK with me. I wanted pictures! He didn't make a HUGE mess, but he did ok....with a little coaxing. He actually ate more of the frosting off his hand than I ever imagined he would. 


And this is the finished product. Bath time! The bath water actually turned red from all the food coloring I put in the frosting. 

 Present time! He was a little slow to start and was so very easily interrupted. Everyone was SO generous and we now have a new showroom of toys...especially Fisher Price Little People.
Jack put the bow on his head and it stayed there the entire time!

The group - a full house!

Checking out his new toys - A new Farm! Woohoo!!!

And whoever said that bows were not yummy.....they were wrong!
 After a long day of partying and eating, it was finally bed time, but of course you can't call it a day without doing a little mowing. He loves this in the house and I know it's going to be an even bigger hit when we can take it outside and put the bubbles in it.

Whew! What a fun filled weekend with friends and family! I'm so glad that everyone was able to celebrate with us to show Will how loved he is by all! I know he won't remember any of this, but I will and I'm so glad that I spent all the time and energy to make his party so very special.

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