14 March 2013

Exploring the great outdoors!

Jack wanted to drive his car to work tomorrow so he went out to get it ready and move some things in the garage. Katelyn quickly got shoes on and went out to ride her trike and that is when the meltdown ensued. This lil guy did NOT want to be left behind. He has become such a little daddy's boy and wants to be wherever he is all the time. So he ran over to the garage door and was trying to open it to get out where they were. The weather was nice so I decided he could head out too. (I really wasn't in the mood to chase him all over the place so that is why we originally weren't going to go out)

He just walked all over the place - up and down the driveway, up and down the sidewalk, in the grass. Just wherever! He was happy as a clam and I got a good workout chasing him too. While we were outside tonight, I was flooded with memories of the times Katelyn and I would spend outside in the evening when she was about this age. Jack was deployed, she had just figured out walking and LOVED to be outside and it was a great way to pass the time before bath in the evenings (before summer made it unbareable in GA). I see a lot of time spent outdoors in our near future with him just tottling everywhere. I do think he's going to be a bit more adventurous though - compared to Katelyn.

"GRASS!!! And I don't have to just sit here!!"

"or sitting is fine too, but Mom can you please come over here and help me back up so I can get back to walking?!"

I just love watching the little ones learn to walk and love how they almost have a "gangster" walk to them while trying to keep their balance. haha! Look at those cute little legs and these jeans just make him look like a lil man!

Gotta keep up with Big sis! It won't be long and shes going to have to pedal a whole lot faster to get away from him.

AND then, Daddy fired up the Monte! It got his attention real quick. I had to give him to Jack so he could see what his future was going to entail.......cars. I do believe Daddy got his little work buddy that he had always dreamed of!

As soon as I handed him over, he grabbed right onto the wheel and started trying to turn it as if he knew exactly what he was supposed to do! He's a Johannes all right!!!

He was watching Katelyn  hit the ball off the tee and would point at it everytime she hit it.

Just look at all those curls....well look good now because they will be gone in a couple of days! It's time to get this mop in order. Stay tuned for pictures from Will's first haircut over the weekend!

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