31 March 2013

Easter Day 2013

The Easter Bunny made his way to our house and filled the kids' baskets up quite nicely. Katelyn got a new book, Princess Dominoes, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers DVD, Rapunzel polly pocket and chap stick. Will got a stuffed elmo, ball, Rescuers Down Under and The Rescuers DVD and a dog that blows bubbles.

The Easter bunny left a little mess for Katelyn and Will when he filled their baskets. Katelyn was so surprised!
Just waking up and seeing what the Easter bunny did.
He left FOOTPRINTS!! That messy bunny!! Katelyn thought it was the coolest thing and couldn't believe that he could leave such a mess!

So excited about the things in her basket!

Daddy and Katelyn playing dominoes the other way! She doesn't want to play the right way; she just wants to line them up now.

Knocking them over!
Katelyn helped me sweep up the flour footprints. She was just jabbering on about how could he leave such a mess and maybe next year he will remember to wipe his feet before he comes in. And just how silly of a bunny he is. It was adorable and made the little bit of extra effort all the more worthwhile!
Brother/Sister LOVE!!

And posing of course!!

Such happy kiddos!
Family Easter picture before heading to church! Both kids did really well during the service.

Friends came over for dinner. The kids got to play, and adults got to hang out. It was a great day and as Katelyn said this morning when I asked her about Easter "Jesus rose from the dead!" Hallelujah!

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