16 March 2013

Will's 1st Haircut

 Will got his first haircut this morning. It was much needed - it hung down in the front into his eyes, curled up over his ears and swirled in the back. He has needed one for quite a while now, but I wanted to hold off until after his 1st birthday. There were some that didn't see the reason why I wanted to wait ..ahem Jack....but I just wanted him to look like a baby until he was at least 1! Part of me was kind of sad to see the curls go, but the front and sides were just out of control. Katelyn never had any of these curls and I just thought they were so adorable and really made him look like a baby still. So I suppose now that he's not technically classified as a baby, they should go. :/



So happy on the way....we turned his seat around for the first time today!
 And here is where it all went down the tube! He was fine until the point she started to cut the hair. Before she started he was walking around the salon, just as happy as could be.

We tried everything....literally. Daddy held for a while. Then Mommy stood while holding. Then Daddy stood while holding. Then Mommy sat while holding, while trying to get him to drink a little from his bottle. The bottle helped some, but for 95% of the haircut he was just flat PISSED! The stylist, Michelle, was so good and patient. She has 3 boys so she was used to cutting hair of little ones. We even took a short break to try to get him to calm down. I'm pretty sure he's traumatized from his hair cut experience!

It's not perfect, but it looks SOOO much better! By the time it was over all 3 of us were covered in hair! 

He even got this cute little certificate for his first haircut and a little pocket to put some locks in. Michelle didn't have any trouble getting enough hair! I think it's funny that the certificate says "I was real brave and didn't scream or fuss too much." HA!!

Here's the happier version!
He had lots of firsts for today: 1st haircut, Carseat being turned around and we also got him his first pair of shoes!

Side note on the shoes: when we got home and put his shoes on him, he immediately sat down and tried to take them off. When we picked him back up to put him in standing position, he took one step and sat right back down as if he had no clue how to walk. Guess he'll have to re-learn how to walk with shoes on. It was pretty funny!

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