12 March 2013

Mini Tball - Weeks 1 & 2

Katelyn has been doing "mini t-ball" for that past 2 weeks. It's similar to the mini soccer she did a month ago in that it meets every Tuesday night for an hour and they work on skills related to that sport.  The first two nights we worked on catching, throwing and ground balls.

Catching at this age is pretty much how well can the thrower aim to hit it in the glove. They don't move their glove much to catch the ball; the hand eye coordination is still developing. We have been trying to get it through her head to use 2 hands. At first she said she didn't want to use 2 hands and then she finally tried it and caught several balls in a row and she was convinced. Sheesh....the stubbornness!

I showed her right at the start how to throw correctly and she pretty much has that down and can chuck it pretty hard and far....3rd base maybe?!?!

YAY for 2 hands!!!
And then they worked on field ground balls. She was doing pretty well and would put the other hand over the ball to keep it from popping out.

Love the ready stance!

And it's going in!

It is pretty crazy in the gym with lots of 3 year olds chasing balls everywhere.  And quite amusing too! She seems to enjoy it pretty well and says she likes playing. I hope this continues. I'd love to be her "coach" someday and CAN.NOT wait until she can play on a team and have games. I know she is wanting that too so hopefully next year.

Next week we are going to start hitting off the tees. Talk about craziness!

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