24 March 2013

{Watch Me Grow} 13 Months

Full time walker - Walking EVERYWHERE!! He also got his first pair of real shoes and it took him a bit of getting used to. At first, he didn't want to walk at all with them on. The minute I put them on, he'd sit right down. If I tried to get him to walk a few steps he'd take a step and then sit right down. It finally all clicked when I had him walk in from the car one day. He held my finger and walked all the way to the garage and then it was as if the shoes were no big deal. Crazy kid!

He is starting to walk faster as if he's turned on his turbo booster! Not really running but it won't be long!

He also got and HATED his first haircut. In cased you missed it, you can read all about it here. I'm glad we got it cut. It sure makes him look more like a little boy! An adorable little boy!


 He waves bye bye all the time. When asks if he wants to go bye  bye to get Katelyn from school, he walks over to the shoe box at the front door and pulls at his coat and then walks around the house waving until we leave. So funny!

We also turned his carseat around. I was hopeful that it would make traveling easier, but I think it may be even worse. Now he can see us and is pissed that he can't get out. We went to St. Louis this past weekend and he refused to sleep during the ride there which was right during his morning nap time and then on the way home the next day he finally gave in 10 minutes from home, after having screamed or been upset a good chunk of the trip. It's just brutal. 

Momma, Dadadada, Uhhh oh (Kind of)
He does plenty of jabbering but no solid words other than those 2-3. I can't wait until his vocabulary starts rolling. I love this stage!

Still not the best eater and still eats baby food because he isn't getting enough finger foods. He still hasn't quite figured out to keep the foods in his mouth and swallow them instead of spitting them out. I'm hopeful that once some of those molars start popping in he'll get a little better. He wants EVERYTHING we have but nothing really stays in or gets swallowed. Until then, we keep giving it to him. One day it will click.

He found an M&M that got dropped and LOVED it, as you can see.

More junk food that he loved....oreos....well who doesn't?!?

 His other 2 favorites are pretzels and McDonald's french fries. Pretzels work great to keep him quiet during quiet times or occupied in the car. And the minute he sees a french fry he immediately starts whining for it. In fact, he knows when we've gone through the drive thru and will whine/cry the entire way home or until I give him a fry. I don't know if he just recognizes the bag or the smell, but either way, crazy. And we don't have McDonald's daily or anything.

He is still drinking from a bottle to get the majority of his milk intake but will drink from a sippy cup when he's eating or not crabby. But, when he's tired or hungry hungry, he wants a bottle. I'm not sure how we're going to get that to end. I guess some kids have a pacifier or suck their thumb....well this one has a bottle. I hope the sippy cup will become more and more popular and I can just slowly fad out the bottle. He even drank from a straw this weekend. He's not much of a juice fan, but will drink a few drinks.  Not the typical toddler, but I'm sure the not a fan of juice phase will not last long.


Getting better :) Finally! Most nights...like 5-6 out of 7 nights he'll sleep until at least 5:30 or 6. I can give him a bottle then and he'll drink 8 ounces and go back to sleep until 7:30 when I have to wake him up to take Katelyn to school.


We celebrated his 1st birthday the weekend after his birthday because Jack was away for work on his actual birthday. He had a great party!

"What am I supposed to do with this thing?!"

We went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Rolla. He did pretty well but was pretty tired from screaming through his hair cut and then refusing to nap on the 30 minute drive. And it was pretty chilly out too.

This past weekend we headed to St. Louis and celebrated Easter with Family. The girls dyed Easter Eggs and then hid them. Will wasn't a fan of finding them; even when I put him right in front of the egg. He just turned and walked the other way. Maybe next year!

Playing with his cousin, David.

The Easter Bunny visited and brought baskets. He's checking out his loot!
 We spent the night and then the next day went to see Disney on Ice in St. Louis. He did pretty good until about the last act. He was tired, had finished all his milk and didn't want to sit on anyone's lap. But no complaints for a 13 month old!


Favorite Toys/Books:

Balls - He has quite the throw and seems to predominately use his right arm to throw, but will sometimes throw left handed. The verdict is still out.

His other favorite thing is whatever Katelyn is playing with. She had her purse out one day and he kept trying to get it from her and just was not happy without one. So she found one for him to carry around and he was golden. I'm sure Daddy loves this!

Cars - he knows how to drive them and will push them back and forth. Good thing he has that figured out already!

And anything that sings or plays music. This kid LOVES music!


Loving the spring weather we got one day before it snowed the next. He is a fan of the swing!

Cute picture from the St. Patrick's Day parade

His new favorite spot. He climbs up on the fireplace ledge and just sits there like his on his thrown and king of the place. He has even figured out how to turn around and get down.

And lastly, he LOVES his sister! And loves chasing her around the couch and laughs so hard when she tickles him. I love watching them interact - it just melts my heart! I have to enjoy this while they are still loving to each other. I know we'll have a stage where she won't want him to bother her or he won't think shes so fun. Either way, I'm loving every second of it right now!

It's a Boy Thing!:(A new section because this guy is into.EVERYTHING!)

Playing in the toilet! - (Mar 17) Katelyn went to the bathroom and forgot to close the door behind her. I asked her where Will had gone to and she goes to check and yells "He's in the potty!" CRAP! He had dumped a bath cup and set of St. Patrick's Day parade beads into the toilet and had also used the cup to scoop out a cup or toilet water and poured it on the floor. Lovely!

Playing with the trash can. He lifts the lid and will try to take stuff out if it's getting full. Then if I get the trash sack out and tie it up but haven't gotten it taken outside quite yet, he'll try to play with the bag and the ties. Just flat out gross!!

Opening every cabinet and attempting to take things out. Luckily, I'm usually right there because I'm making dinner or something and continuously close them. But it doesn't stop him from just trying another. (We didn't install locks on the doors because we it's a rental and we are moving in a few months.)

 Boys, Boys, Boys! He is just so much more curious about everything compared to Katelyn at this age. She never bothered or had any interest in the bathroom. He is definitely keeping me on my toes!!

 ~23 pounds, 3 ounces (with clothes and diaper on)
Size 12 month clothes
Size 3 Diapers
Size 5 Shoes
7 Teeth

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