23 March 2013

Easter in St. Louis

We spent today in St. Louis with Grammie, Pops, Aunt Rachel, Sadie and David and did Easter activities! First the girls dyed eggs - LOTS of eggs. Each colored 2 dozen eggs, one dozen was brown eggs and produced some interesting but cool colors. We had camouflage eggs as we called them! (In fact, we almost stepped on one in the yard because it just blended right in!)

Coloring very attentively!
The setup

The boys didn't partake in too much Easter-y stuff and Will spent a good portion of his day sitting/bouncing on the trampoline. He even tried jumping standing up and did a decent job. And it is pretty fun to climb up and climb down and repeat a dozen times!

Ok, back to the eggs. Here are our finished eggs.....brown eggs on the left and white eggs on the right. Interesting colors huh? And enough eggs for the entire block!

Katelyn's first try of Peeps. She wasn't too big of a fan and I think only took one bite. Papa would be disappointed :)

And then while waiting for the eggs to dry, they headed out to the backyard to play on the swingset and what did they hear.....but the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! They high-tailed it in the house and out the front they went.....up the street to make sure he saw them. Thanks to Aunt Rachel for moving with a purpose and catching him! This was Katelyn's first experience with the ice cream truck and she picked out a bunny ice pop thingy. Sadie picked an ice cream sandwich. This was definitely a high light of the day!! Both girls were stoked!


The girls with Grammie after getting their treat!

Sadie's turned out to be pretty messy but looked oh so yummy!
Look at these 2 cute princess fairies!! They are always dressing up and using quite the imagination when they are together. It's so fun to watch them play and see what they come up with next!

And then the egg hunt began!

Some were up high and she needed assistance to get.

Even Opal joined us for the afternoon and dinner!

Eggs, Eggs Everywhere

And then they found the GOOOD stuff. Mr. Easter Bunny left all kinds of baskets, for both girls and boys.

Will was checking out the stuff that the bunny left behind for him. I tried to get him excited for the egg hunt and put him down to walk right in front of an egg and he just turned around and ran the other direction. He wanted nothing to do with finding the eggs. Bummer! Maybe next year?!

Now those are some FULL baskets!

Here are our 2 Bunnies....later while playing they became known as the bunny bandits (a name totally made up by them). They were pushing around a shopping cart and putting stuff in it calling themselves the "Bunny Bandits." Where they came up with this name is anyone's guess!

The Easter Bunny also brought them ring pops. So they crawled around for a while with them in their mouths pretending they were babies. Then loved how blue their mouths were.

And the boys had their fun while the girls were having their fun!

Here's Will jumping!

It was a great weekend and everyone had a blast. I know we had 2 tired kiddos at the end....which means a successful weekend was had!!

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