11 June 2013

Backyard fun with Friends

With our time left with our Leonard Wood friends growing short, we've been trying to make the most of it. Today we went over to the Hintz's and had a little fun in the water.......the girls and littles weren't too hip on getting into the pool - it was too cold. However, the water table was plenty of fun!

Will enjoyed the water table quite a bit!

All the kiddos playing so nicely together - until someone gets splashed!

And the girls found a lady bug

And thought it was so fun to pass the poor lady bug back and forth.
Will was showing us the sprinkler that kept hitting the pavement. He didn't want to get into it, but wanted to make sure we saw it there!


Running through the cold sprinklers!

Ohhh we are going to miss our fun times we've had with great friends here. I'm sure we'll make plenty of new friends but we'll never forget our old ones :) This is definitely one negative of the Army.

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