14 June 2013

Pulaski County Fair

We attended the Big Pulaski County Fair again this year.  I grew up in 4-H and taking exhibits to the fair each year, so I've been around the county fair before. Well this is hardly a county fair. It's actually pretty sad. I was never able to find any exhibits but there were a handful of animals. I understand that this county is quite transient but goodness, it's sad. The carnival was even pathetic!  Either way, we went with friends and that always makes it more fun. The kids enjoyed riding the high priced, go around in circle rides and we all ate some semi decent carni food.

Chow time!

The kids all did the mirror maze, but it was a huge waste because the carni worker showed them the way through the entire thing. What's the point?!?!

Making their way through

Liam, Katelyn and Katy waiting in line for some ride that probably cost $4 for 2 minutes of circle time

The hot air balloon ride. This ride was actually kind of cool. They turned the black handle and it would send the balloon around in circles while it was going up and down. They were really laughing on this ride.

2 besties!

They are so cute together!

Riding the train around this small oval track. The mall train is 10 times better!

Will was a great sport. He didn't complain too much and was pretty much content just watching. I'm pretty sure the county fair next summer is going to cost twice as much because he is going to want to ride the rides too!

Being silly!

"Are you done yet, Sissy?! I'm ready to go home and go to bed."

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