03 June 2013

The Jones' come for a visit!

Our good friends, Ken and Tiffany and their kids Sami and Matt came to visit us for a long weekend! We were stationed together at Ft. Riley and Tiffany helped me make it through my first deployment as an Army wife. Ken and Jack worked closely together and were also roommates for a while in Iraq. They have quite the bond (Tiffany and I often joked that they were dating because they did everything together). It's so nice to have such great friends that you can just get together with and it's like old times. It was a wonderful weekend!!

Matt building with Katelyn and Will
We couldn't just hang out at the house all weekend so we did one of the few things to do with the bigger kids in Ft. Leonard Wood - Go Cart riding.

Even Momma got to drive! We kicked some booty too :)

Poor Will wanted to partake in some of the fun, but he just isn't big enough yet.

Sami and Katelyn
Even though we had plenty of packing that needed to be done, it was nice to step back from the impending move and have a little fun time! Plenty of food was eaten, beverages consumed, and skipbo games played. Couldn't have been a better weekend!

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