11 June 2013


Tball started a couple weeks ago and even though we are going to miss out on a few games, she still wanted to play and the director said "Sign Up!"

The first couple practices were rough because it was reallllllly hot and the heat was doing her in! We got a cool spell and she started having more fun. The team started with 2 female coaches that didn't have any children on the team but were "told" they had to coach. Needless to say, they had no desire to be there and it was a huge mess. We weren't even called about team info - I had to call 4 times to get anywhere. So after a few parents saw how ridiculous the first few practices were going, one stepped up and said that he would take over. Things went much better after that and that is when she started enjoying it and actually learning something. There was too much standing around before and it was boring, but the new parents engaged every child the whole practice.

Her team name was "The Rockies" and their colors and logo were matching the Colorado Rockies.  Each player got a hat, shirt and pants. The smallest size was MASSIVE on Katelyn. The shirt went to her knees and she could have pulled up her pants to mid chest. I think she needs to find a Rockies team to be on for the next few years because she'll still have a uniform that will fit! (Unfortuately all of the tball pictures except these were somehow deleted off my camera :( )
She was all excited about her braided pony tail.

Katelyn at bat!!!

I'm glad she enjoyed it and I hope she continues to enjoy it!

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