24 June 2013

{Watch Me Grow} 16 Months

Milestones/New Developments:
Not a lot of new developments to report this month. He's just continuing to keep us on our toes :)

He continues to love pasta. He would eat shells and cheese for every meal right now.

I kind of failed in this department with all the chaos going on this month.

He has continued with his great sleeping since being done with the bottle! He still takes his 2 naps a day and sleeps all night. All night means 7:30-6(at the latest) but usually in the 5-5:30 range. I wish he'd sleep longer, but it sure beats all the getting up during the night and I'll take it!

Visit from the Jones'

Ha Ha Tonka State Park - He continues to dislike riding long distances in the car so he made it a fun trip. Ha!

Skipped rocks/started to walk in the Roubidioux Creek in Waynesville

Attended Daddy's farewell ceremony and lunch. As soon as it ended and the receiving line started, he made a mad dash for Jack. I guess he wanted to be in on the action. It was pretty cute!


Play date with friends and water! We're going to miss the Hintz's; good thing the Burges' are coming with us ! :)

Enjoyed riding on the Cub Cadet with Daddy.


Went to the swimming pool/splash pad on post for the first time this summer. He was pretty skeptical at first and finally warmed up to the splash pad. He didn't care for the kiddie pool at all.

He attended many practices and games for Katelyn's t-ball team. Oh the joys of being the younger sibling! She'll probably never get drug to his practices.

And finally  for this busy month - packed and moved to Leavenworth, KS. He wasn't always the most helpful, but at least he got a little fun out of it.

And our new house has stairs and we can't keep this little guy off of them! Fortunately, it has a gate at the bottom that is attached to the wall, but it seems as though he has a little sensor and knows when that gate is open.

Favorite Toys/Books:
He's been super interested in books lately. He'll bring one over and want to crawl up on your lap so you can read it to him. He gets antsy when there are lots of words on the page, but as long as it's not too long he'll mostly sit still.

Caught him in his room reading his books that were about to be packed.
Soda cans also make great stacking toys

And boxes are super fun to play in!
Random Pictures:

He got up at his usual early time and it was Jack's turn to get up with him. After being awake for a couple hours, he just feel asleep sitting in the chair next to Daddy while watching TV.

He stepped on something, and his foot was bleeding pretty bad. And the only bandaids I could find at the moment for Princess ones, so he got to sport them. I guess it's time I get some boy themed ones!

Stats for the month:
~24 pounds
12-18 month clothes
Size 5/6 shoes and sandals
Size 4 diapers
9 teeth

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