22 June 2013

Katelyn's T-Ball Pictures!

 Katelyn's T-Ball team, The Rockies, decided to forgo paying a photographer to take team pictures. So, all the parents just lined them up and started snapping away. I think it turned out just fine and turned out much cheaper. After all, they are only 4!

My cute little Rockies tball player!

Katelyn and Lee were in class together at Westside Baptist preschool. They were so cute together. I said, stand by Lee and we'll get a picture and he automatically grabbed her hand. 4 year old are adorable!

The only girls on the team!

A team picture! It's impossible to get all 10 of them to look in the same direction and pretend to enjoy being there!
Katelyn enjoyed the season more and more as the games went on. She wasn't a fan of the games or practices when it was really hot, but I think she wants to play again next year. Mommy's happy! :)

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