17 June 2013

Saying Goodbye

I hate, hate, hate this part of our life right now. :( We have met so many great families on our Army adventures and then we always have to say goodbye (At least for now). We met 2 great families while here and fortunately the Burges' are coming with us to Leavenworth, but the Hintz's are about 2 years behind us. It is so hard to find people that you know will be there when you need them, understand the situation you are in and are just there to listen. I feel like I found that with these ladies. We had weekly play groups with the  kids during the day, started doing monthly Girls Nights Out or Crafts nights and even took turns watching the kids so we could have date nights. I just have to tell myself, it's not goodbye, it's just until next time. The Army really is a small, small world so I know we'll see them again.

So tonight, we went over to the Hintz's for one last Missouri get together. It was nice to be in a house that wasn't complete chaos!!

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