08 June 2013

Mommy - Daughter Date

We needed a break from all the packing and Katelyn made a comment that her and I never did anything (Ahem, not true - but anyways) so we headed to post and went mini golfing. Even though she wasn't doing it correctly and had no desire or patience to let me show her she had a blast!

Not quite the correct stance.

And she would just scoot the ball into the whole every time.

She actually let me show her how to stand for once!

Taking a break; waiting for the next hole to open up.

She was determined to get the ball over the hump in the middle. After about 15 tries and all patience lost, she let me help her hit it over the "hump" because there was no way she was going to go to the next whole without going over the hump.

A great couple hours with my girl!
After we finished up our golfing (in record time might I add), we did a little shopping at the PX and then headed to dinner and ice cream at Culver's. She had a blast and so did I!

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