12 June 2013

Cub Cadet

Jack's grandfather bought a Cub Cadet riding lawn mower brand new in 1961. Since then, it's been passed on from his Grandfather to his Aunt Emilie (Aunt Sissy) and then to his cousin, John. John had it for a few years and then went back to Aunt Sissy until she passed. Jack expressed an interest in having it and the Cub had a new home! It wasn't running when we got it but after a little work and a visit to repair shop, it was mowing the lawn like it was a new ride!

The Cub has cut the mowing time in half! And the kids area always wanting to ride along!!

Showing the next owner of The Cub how it drives! ;)

Jack is having blast and it seems the yard gets mowed and awful LOT now. :) No complaints though! I'm sure it's bringing back tons of memories for him and I'm glad that he's able to keep it going! (You don't know how many people wanted to buy it when it was getting worked on!)

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