20 October 2012

3K Family Fun Run and Trunk or Treating!

The Armed Services YMCA on post had a 3K Family Fun Run and Trunk or Treating. A friend talked me into doing it, but I just walked it. I'm still too out of shape to run! Jack walked it with me to keep me company and Katelyn hitched a ride on his back! After the run/walk, vehicles set up in the parking lot and were handing out candy. Several local businesses participated as well. Not a huge turnout, but Katelyn had fun wearing her Minnie Mouse costume and getting candy. I'm always looking for more reasons to wear her costume! And Will - well he got a ride in the stroller wearing his Monkey costume! He was a trooper and was asleep by the time we crossed the finish line!

A chilly Minnie Mouse!

Happy Monkey! And warm too! His costume never would have worked in GA!

2 cuties!!

Katelyn's ride! She loves riding in there! Good thing she is still relatively light!

And they are off!

"Let's go trick or treating!"

With Sparky the Fire Dog!

There was even military equipment there!

Katelyn with her Knight! (Liam)

The candy is a hit this year. I guess our years of her not caring about the candy are over with! I guess we have to share now hehe! At least we still have Will ;)

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