01 October 2012


Tonight was Katelyn's first gymnastics class. The class is for 3-5 year olds and meets on post every Monday night.  She was very excited to start and I'm anxious to see how she does and how much she picks up.  Coming from the most unflexible person ever - she'll definitely be able to do more than me in probably jsut a few short weeks! They definitely do a lot more than I thought they would! I was pretty impressed and I was also very pleased with how well she jumped right in the first night. She wasn't shy at all.

Ready to go to her first gymnastics class.

Hula Hoopin'. It seems like an awful big hoop for such a small little girl!

Straddle jumps on the trampoline

Walking up the wall

Back flip


Bars all by herself. She got her other leg up there too, I just didn't get a picture.

Balance beam time - she was really good on the beam!

And over she goes. That is her teacher, Ms. Tuti!
And she said she had fun and wants to go back. She was definitely one pooped, cranky and tired kid that night! Monday's might be some LONG days if she is like that after every class. Nap maybe?!?

We'll see how she does. If she doesn't like it after she's given it a fair go, that is fine by me. I just want her to find something she likes and is decent at. We plan on letting her try out soccer, softball, and basketball if she wants to see what is her fit. Me - I secretly hope it's softball and won't lie, I'll probably push her a little harder in that sport. However, we AREN'T going to play everything.  In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy watching her find her thing!

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