04 October 2012

Family Night at Westside

Tonight, Katelyn's preschool had a Family Night. The theme was "Fire Prevention" because it was Fire Prevention week at school. The local fire department brought the fire engine and tanker and there were activities in the gym for the kids to do. Sparky the fire dog was supposed to be there but he never showed.

Katelyn and her teacher Ms. Heather.
Very attentively painting her fire hydrant

Painting, Painting, Painting and of course staying in the lines! She amazes me with her skills!

In the firetruck, for some reason she wouldn't smile. She looked like she was scared. Not sure why.

The fireman is putting her in the jumpseat.....
....and she doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat down. It kept wanting to close up on her! haha! Oh to have that problem!!
Firefighter Katelyn!

And then probably the best part of the whole night in Katelyn's eyes.....snacks
Eating donuts with her friend Katy. They had powdered sugar EVERYWHERE!
I was pretty impressed with the night. The firefighters showed the kids anything and everything they wanted to know about the trucks or gear. They opened things, unrolled things, etc. It was neat. I'm also loving her preschool! They have done so many neat things and we're only 1.5 months in!

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