21 October 2012

Happy Hollows Pumpkin Patch

We went to Happy Hollows Pumpkin Patch in Crocker over the weekend. There are so many different pumpkin patches around here it's crazy! Just throw a few things out in your front yard, throw a few pumpkins in the field and call it a pumpkin patch! This one was definitely not as fancy as the one we went to a couple times in GA, but the kids still have fun.

Corn Pit

Walking the balance beam aka railroad tie, that was suspended across 2 round bales using her Gymnastics skills!

Of course you have to have the train ride! No cows this time!

Katelyn and Liam riding

Hay maze!

Water pumps with the rubber duckies. As like last year, she would have stayed here all day pumping if we would have let her!

Hard work!

Olllllllddd tractor!

And of course, picture time!!

I love Will's expression in this picture....they look like an old married couple really discussing things.

And also his expression in this picture too....."hehe I think I can do that too!!"

This was cool because Jack built a similar truck for the park in Jackson for his Eagle Scout project. We saw Jack's old truck 2 summers ago and it was looking rough :( People had either vandalized it and/or it was just getting weathered. After all, it's been there a while!

And Will was there too! Next year, he'll be ALLLL over the place! What fun that will be!

More balance beam-ing

And back to those darn rubber duckies!
They had a small petting zoo. A calf, llama, goats and baby pig. We got there right at "feeding" time so the kids (it was early enough that there weren't many people there yet) got to help bottle feed. Katelyn thought this was pretty cool!

She loved feeding the baby pig and still talks about the "milk mustache" that he had from drinking his bottle!
Then it was time for the hayride out to pick pumpkins!

There were ALL sizes of pumpkins and they were all the SAME price! Katelyn immediately ran for this pumpkin and tried to pick it up. She managed, but it didn't last for long. I wonder how  many of those pumpkins have been picked up and dropped! At least she picked a nice round one!

Her futher Jack O Lantern!!

And Will picked one too haha!

Will and his buddy David! Next year boys, next year!

Time to ride back....look at those beautiful leaves in the background!

Daddy and his precious girl! I love this picture - great expressions and Jack is actually SMILING!!! :) Love these 2 so much!

We had a fun morning at the pumpkin patch. Katelyn gets to go again in a few days on a school field trip, but it's to a different patch. It will be interesting to see the difference!

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