31 October 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you had a great day and had beautiful weather just like we did. It was just perfect trick or treating weather, not too cold and not too hot!

Katelyn had a Fall Party today at school. They weren't allowed to wear their costumes, but the teachers wanted them to make these cute little spider web shirts and surprisingly.....all the kids made one! They watched "It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown," made popcorn balls, ate fruit and cupcakes. And then the teacher surprised them by taking them upstairs to bounce in the bounce house that was set up for the Fall Festival at the church tonight. Katelyn was so hyped up and of course didn't want to leave the bounce house. She didn't eat lunch til about mid afternoon because she ate so much "stuff" in the morning.  And let's not forget Will.......well he's just sporting his "Mommy's Little Pumpkin" shirt as his Halloween shirt!

And now, after a morning of sugar, sugar and fun, it was time to go around and get MORE candy! She was so excited to go Trick Or Treating - 6:00 couldn't get here soon enough!

Here's Minnie Mouse and her Monkey sidekick

I'm pretty sure that he is thinking "What the hell am I wearing and WHY!?"

"Let's go Mom!"

Being a big girl at the door. She did pretty well by herself, but had a little trouble reaching some of the door bells.

Trick or Treat!!

"Why in the world are we going up to these doors and saying Trick or Treat?!"
Oh watch out next year....the fun is just beginning! Katelyn will have to show him the ropes and what he's supposed to do. Our neighborhood is pretty hill-y so it was a nice workout. Jack carried Will for a while and then he rode the rest in the stroller. Will and I went around with Katelyn and Jack for a while and then came home to pass out candy and they continued on. Katelyn was kind of bummed when we decided to head home; I think she was beyond tired but didn't want to admit it! They trick or treated a while more and she came home with a pumpkin full of candy.

About every 2-3 houses had their lights on, so it wasn't the best ratio. I remember as a kid, that EVERY house would have their light on.

The number of people that drove their car through the neighborhood dropping their kids off at a house with the lights on was appalling! If you can't trick or treat by walking then you clearly don't need that candy! (Not that I need the candy and we walked!) LAZY!! I understand if you live out in the boonies and have to drive in to a town to go to a neighborhood....that is completely fine, but then walk! And it wasn't cold, so that shouldn't have been an excuse. UGH! Not to mention that these people were lazy, it was also dangerous....there were kids EVERYWHERE and then these bozos trying to drive in between everyone just to get more candy. Go to Walmart today and just buy it for 50% off if you need/want it that bad! Ok---rant is over!

We had a great Halloween and busy month of October! I am ready for it to slow down a bit, but I don't think that will happen too much before Christmas. We have something every weekend in November and then December always flies by....man I better get busy with the Christmas shopping!

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