27 October 2012

Pumpkin Carving

I just love fall and all the fun activities associated with it!!! I feel like the blog is full of activity because we've had to many fun things to do and talk about! We got 2 big pumpkins at the pumpkin patch so it was time to carve them up! The kids aren't really much help with this yet. Katelyn COULD help with the "de-gutting" of the pumpkins, but ewwww it's so slimy and gross, we wouldn't want to touch it! They cut open a pumpkin at school and the kids could touch the insides and I asked her if she touched it and she said "YES....the outside." HA!

We put a "K" on one last year so I didn't want to do initials again this year, and since the Wildcats are unstoppable I decided to put a powercat on one of them and Jack put the Army "A" on the other one.

The powercat turned out pretty well for having a crying, squirming baby in my lap for most of it. Heaven forbid everyone cooperate throughout this.

Ready to carve the pumpkins!

Here is Katelyn NOT helping clean out the inside

But Will was not the least bit scared. He was squeezing and flinging it ALL over the place!! We'll see what next year brings; it might be a whole new story!

And here's Katelyn......Well, she wouldn't touch it unless I bribed her! Crazy kid!

And then after that touch, she wouldn't touch it anymore.

The finished product!

Aglow on the front porch!

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