24 October 2012

Halloween Party

 The Pippin Youth Center on post had a Halloween Party and costume contest for the little ones 5 and under. Jack was gone this week, but I thought that Katelyn would enjoy it so we headed out. The place was PACKED and we did a lot of standing in line. It probably wasn't worth it, but oh well, live and learn.

face painting

Monkey buddies....David and Will

Waiting in line with Liam to get in the bounce house
 Then there was the costume contest. The broke the contest down by years and gender. Finally it was time for the 3 year old girls. Katelyn didn't quite understand that only 1 person could win the contest, so when the mermaid got the prize and the rest of the girls got books, Katelyn was a bit confused and upset. Thankfully, we were done and ready to leave, because she was quite upset and cried on the way to the car wondering what she needed to do to make her costume better so she could win. I tried to explain that only 1 person could win and that everyone had great costumes, but the judges just thought the mermaid one was really neat. Needless to say, she wasn't buying it. UGH! She'll learn.......that's life!
Costume contest!

The mermaid on the end won.
So after hauling 2 crying kids back to the car in the dark (Will was hot and didn't feel that great), I realized, that we probably should have just stayed home!  So much for me trying to be the ambitious Mom - it backfired!  You win some and you lose some.

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