24 October 2012

{Watch Me Grow} 8 Months

8 Months! It just doesn't seem possible lil man!


This month was a busy month for the lil guy! He is officially crawling like a big shot - no more of the scooting/army crawling. And man can he move! He gets where he wants and in record time, especially if he's headed for something that he knows he isn't supposed to have! It is so much fun to see him boogy-ing across the floor and he's much happier now that he can get to the things he wants. His favorite....cords! We've been working the word "no" a lot more lately and he is starting to leave the cords alone.

He also got his first tooth! He got the bottom left when we were at Grammie and Pops for the weekend. He is not a big fan of opening up so you can investigate what is going on in there, so I just have to pry my finger in. I noticed that something seemed different that morning when I was feeding him breakfast. There was something scrapping the spoon when I put it in his mouth! He sure seems to move his lil tongue in funny positions in his mouth and I'm sure he's feeling that tooth! He's had it for a couple weeks now so it's starting to stick up much higher now, but this was the first picture of his tooth......you can barely see the little white thing sticking out!!



Still nothing yet.....one day he'll say Momma....or probably Dadda first. Oh well, I'm just ready for one of those sweet words to roll out of his mouth!

His eating of solid foods seemed to slow down. For a little over a week he was not interested at all in eating any baby food. He'd eat about 3-4 bites and then be done. There was no getting anymore into that little mouth. His appetite has picked up more over the last couple of weeks, but it's not anywhere back to what it was. But, I am happy that I can get more into him again. I tried giving him the puffs again and he still isn't interested.

I also stopped giving him his Zantac this month. I forgot one night and then decided to go for a couple nights without it and see if there was any change and NOPE! So we were able to stop that and it's been great. It got to be a bit of a chore to make sure we snuck it in one of his bottles in the evening.

He's still drinking his formula with no problems. Although, I think he probably needs to be drinking a little more during the day, but he only really wants a bottle when he's tired and going down for a nap. I wonder if I could get more in him during the day would he sleep longer at night??


Not much new to report here. He is still waking up between 2-4ish and drinking 6-8 oz, so the poor lil guy is HUNGRY.  Then he'll go back down and sleep for another 3ish hours. He has a cough so that seems to wake him up in the middle of the night and then he realizes he's hungry and won't go back to sleep. If he starts coughing earlier than 2, he usually doesn't wake up fully and goes back to sleep. 


We had lots of fun things this month! We went to Grammie and Pops house for Emilie and Joe's wedding. The cousins got to have some cousin time, although the little guys were too little to do much! 


We participated in a 3K Family Fun Run on post and then did a Trunk or Treat afterwards. The kids wore their costumes.

We went to Happy Hollows Pumpkin Patch with the Hintz family. Unfortunately, he was too little to do much, but next year will be fun! 

Picture time!

Will's Pumpkin!

Favorite Toys/Books:
He still enjoys his mat even though he's mobile. He'll crawl under it and look up and get all excited, kicking and hollering. It's funny!
Fun times with Daddy! If Jack lays on the floor, Will crawls right over to him. It won't be long until they have wrestle time!

And he is into EVERYTHING! 


Katelyn is quickly learning that she needs to pick up her toys when she is done because a little someone will be right there to get into them. And she can't do "Big Girl" things on the floor anymore while Will is awake....he's right there to help out!
Bath time! No more baby tub. He sits in the tub like a big boy and the kids can take a bath together. Much easier and they both enjoy it! He loves playing with the tub toys.

He's ready for Halloween with his glow in the dark skeleton jammies! Notice the Candy Corns in his tummy! HAHA!



Weekly Pictures:

September 28, 2012 - 31 Weeks Old

October 5, 2012 - 32 Weeks Old

October 12, 2012 - 33 Weeks Old

October 19, 2012 - 34 Weeks Old
And these weekly pictures are getting MUCH harder to take. The second he realizes that there are numbers next to him, he immediately rolls over. And then it's all over with! So I have to be quick!

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