30 October 2012

Visit the Dentist

Katelyn had her first trip to the Dentist! She was so excited to go and asked as soon as I picked her up from school if it was her turn to go to the dentist. So I had to tell her that they were closed for lunch because she just wouldn't give it up and then all afternoon until our 3:00 appt she kept asking and asking. I sure hope this excitement for going to the dentist continues because it's my LEAST favorite place! She was also excited to get to pick something from the prize box. (I was crossing my fingers that they had a prize box.) So finally the time rolled around; Jack came home early from work to watch Will and off we headed to the Dentist. I had used the same place when we were here 4 years ago.

Of course the minute we walked into the office, the receptionist were making over how cute she was and such. She waited quite impatiently and finally they called her name. It was the end of the day and I think we were the last patients of the day because 3 hygienists were arguing over who was going to get to clean Katelyn's teeth! When I made the appointment, the receptionist told me that they don't normally see the little ones until they are 4, but I just wanted them to look around and make sure she was doing ok. So when they put her up in the chair they said they were going to take pictures and get her all cleaned up, I was really surprised.

She sat so good for the pictures and then said that I could go get my teeth cleaned she didn't need me to sit there with her. (I asked her if it was ok) Gosh! My little girl is growing up....already not needing her Momma! So of course they finished with her teeth before mine and brought her down to me. They said she looked great and that she was better than lots of adults! They gave her a little bag with a toothbrush, paste and floss and then she got to pick something out of the prize box! She picked a yellow necklace and the receptionist said that since she had done so well she should get the matching bracelet to go with it. Maybe they don't get many little ones....who knows!

Then when she came home and gave Daddy the report of how well she had done, he agreed that she should get to go to Walmart and pick out a new toy. Soooo off we went and she came home with the Princess Polly pockets Sleeping Beauty carriage that she had been oooo and ahhing  over since we bought it for her cousin for her birthday. (Guess we can cross that off her Xmas list!)

I was so proud of my lil Big girl! I hope we can keep the dentist a positive experience for a few more years!

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Joann said...

Wow, what a big girl! The first time Rachel went to the dentist at age 3 she kept biting the dentist. She wasn't a fan!