05 April 2013


 What a beautiful spring day we had today.....temperature in the mid 60s. We made sure to take advantage of this great weather and headed to the park. Unfortunately, a lot of others had the same idea because the park was pretty busy. Either way, both of the kids had a blast - Katelyn played on the equipment and Will just walked and walked all over the place. He did find it quite entertaining to try to climb up the slide. Crazy thing is, he made it almost half way up before I grabbed him.

Ready to go!

And she's off!

Love all the expressions!

He was trying to figure everything out. I was thankful he had to interest in trying to climb around on the equipment other than the slide.

And up he goes!

He built up a little bit of static electricity!

Making music

Peek a boo

Ashleigh brought bubbles and just like we thought, it attracted all the kids from the playground.

I think he was kind of puzzled that bubbles aren't just in the bath. He didn't really try to get to any of them....but then again there were about 20 kids fighting over them. He was smart to just stand back!

I look forward to more of these gorgeous spring days before it gets too hot to go to the park unless you go at 8 AM!

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