09 May 2013

A Boy and his Broom

I don't know what it is, but Will is obsessed with the broom. I have to hide the one I use in the house in a different spot from where it was if he saw me get it out. As soon as I'm done, I'll look over and he'll have drug the broom back out. And man will a temper tantrum ensue if I take it away. So lately, whenever we've been outside he goes straight for the broom in the garage. He just drags it around. He doesn't touch the bottom, just the handle. I'm sure the neighbors are wondering why in the world is that toddler dragging that  broom around the neighborhood?!?

And then he found the tricycle. And wouldn't get off of it. And wanted me to push him around on the tricycle. And killed his Momma's back from leaning over!

He enjoyed dinging the little bell......if only his little legs for a few inches longer! It won't be long though. Then he'll be chasing after Katelyn on her bike.

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