16 May 2013

{Field Trip} Dickerson Park Zoo

Katelyn's preschool class took a field trip to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield today. She rode the bus and Will and I drove separately. I didn't think Will would make the 80 minute ride sitting on my lap and I didn't want to chance it.

We ate a picnic lunch before we went into the zoo. The grass was wet from rain so we had to eat on the bus. Not the most ideal but we managed.

We were promptly greeted by several peacocks and boy were they noisy!

Katy and Katelyn skipping to the next thing.

Katy, Peter, Liam and Katelyn

Ms. Heather asked them to show her their best animal noise. I think Katelyn roared. Not too sure though.
And then we got to do what Katelyn was the most excited to do! She asked the second we walked into the zoo if we could feed the giraffes.

Loving it!

Look at that tongue!!
These were the most rambunctious giraffes I'd ever seen - even compared to all the other zoos where you can feed the giraffes. They had it figured out how to stick their head as far as they could through the fence. She had a blast feeding them and of course wanted to get more crackers.

Best friends

Kathleen and Katelyn

And then it was time to ride the train that took us around the little pond 2 times. Kind of a disappointment. Front Row L-R: Kathleen, Rileigh, Katey, Katelyn. Back Row L-R: Peter's Mom Maddie, Lee, Peter

And it was a fun day at the zoo that ended just in time for the rain to move in. Katelyn rode home with Will and I instead of the bus. The zoo was just the right size. We could do the whole zoo in 3ish hours and feel like we saw it all!

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