06 May 2013

{Katelyn's 4th Birthday}

The night before her actual birthday, I blew up balloons and hung them from the door and also threw some on the floor in her room.

She was pretty surprised and perplexed why there were so many balloons everywhere!

Will was pretty curious too!
She took cupcakes to school for snack that day. We have to provide store bought stuff and Walmart didn't have any Minnie Mouse cupcakes so she picked Rapunzel instead - her favorite princess right now.

And all the other kids had brought a balloon and tied it to their chair for their birthday, so of course we had to do the same.

We had to make this birthday hat the first week of school as her first "Homework" project. She finally got to wear it! She'd actually forgot she made it.

And a certificate that was hanging on her cubby
After school it was time to open the gifts that Mommy and Daddy got her. Daddy took the day off today so he was able to spend lots of time with the birthday girl!

She got a Minnie Boutique salon bag equipped with a hairdryer, curling iron, brush, blush set, and barretts. She loved it! She got several books in subjects she is interested in right now and then a maze activity book.....

....and then....she's patiently waiting for Daddy is about to bring up and show her.

Look at that face! "A Bike!"
Just her size!

It was a little tricky at first to figure out with the braking and such and of course we don't have live on a flat street nor is our driveway flat.

She probably had some tired legs by the time she went in from pedaling up the hills.

Loving it!!

And then we did a little swinging

And she did a few more flips on the bars from the swing set.

She had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!! And she's already talking about turning 5...sheesh slow down girl!

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