24 May 2013

{Watch Me Grow} 15 Months

15 Months!!!!

This is Will's new smiley face. I just love it when he makes this face!

New milestones/Developments:
He got 1 new tooth and now has a complete set in the front ha - 4 on top and 4 on bottom.
He shakes his head back and forth for no, but doesn't do anything for yes yet.
He LOVES dancing. His favorite right now is the theme song to King of the Hill, Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, and Joe Diffie by Jason Aldean. He even starts dancing in his carseat if it's a jivin' song. I love watching him get his little bum down low. It's so cute!!!

Old Words: Momma, Dadda, Ball, Bye-Bye
New words: Tickle
H is starting to try to repeat words that we say. They don't usually sound like it, but he's sure trying.

He is picking up in this department. He is getting to the point where he doesn't want to eat any baby food, but I don't feel like he's getting enough from the table so I try to get a little in him each night and then of course he gets what we are eating or bits and pieces of it.

As of last week, he is now completely off of bottles. There was no "weening" off because he was so attached. So I just went cold turkey. It actually went down like this: nap time - crap, all the bottles are in the dishwasher dirty. Here's a sippy cup. Will screamed and refused. Put him down anyways and after a few re-visits to his room he gave in for his nap without a bottle. Repeat at bedtime. He was absolutely NOT a fan of this and fought it tooth and nail. It was obvious that he wasn't hungry before bed and nap times but just wanted his bottle as a "pacifier" because he would refuse to drink any milk from his sippy cups that he drinks fine from at other times of the day. But alas, my baby is no longer one of those "over a year old still on a bottle" babies.

Some fav foods right now: Pickles, pasta, mac and cheese, cucumbers, pretzels, yogurt.

He LOVES pasta and will pretty much eat any kind. I'm not sure that he even chews it. I think it just goes down whole!

He had his first try of a lollipop while waiting for Katelyn at gymnastics. I don't think he was too big of a fan.

Well we have come a LONG way in this department!! Since taking away the bottle, he has slept through the night all but maybe 1-2 of those nights. He was obviously playing me for a fool and got a bottle out of me when he would wake up at 4-5 am. It was me being lazy and too tired to want to deal with it so a bottle was easier. Since losing the bottle, his bedtime routine has changed a bit. He goes down better when Daddy puts him down. So Daddy sits with him in the rocking chair in his room for a minute, reads him a book, offers the sippy cup (which he usually doesn't want) and then throws him in bed. The first couple of nights he would cry for a while and we had to do the "ferber" method, but that lasted less than a week and we're good to hook now! He goes down around 8 PM and will wake between 6-7 AM. I would love for him to sleep a little later in the morning, but there are no complains because I'm not getting up at 4am anymore!

He still naps in the morning and afternoon for a couple hours.

Katelyn's birthday party

We went to Kennedy's birthday party in Springfield, the zoo in Springfield with Katelyn's school and David's birthday in St. Louis

Favorite Toys/Books:

Door Stop for the basement sliding glass doors - weird huh!? He likes to drag it around. I guess it's kind of like the broom and since he can't have the broom in the house, it's the next best thing.

BROOMS! I should have put this on his birthday list!  Now when we go outside, he drags the one in the garage all around. Since he can't have the one in the house he has to get his "Broom" time in somewhere! I'm sure the neighbors think we are crazy and need to get this boy some toys or else that we are putting him to work already! ha!


The tricycle. One night while outside, he insisted on getting on the trike and wanted to be pushed around. His feet can't quite reach the peddles yet, but it won't be long!

Hairbrushes. He will come into my bathroom and grab any of the brushes he can get his hands on and walk around the house with it. If he's fussing in the car, I can hand him the brush from my purse and he'll brush it through his hair and then play with it and be happy as a clam. He loves when I brush his hair. He will instantly relax and if I'm holding him, he'll start to almost fall asleep.

Swinging! He loves to swing. The last time we were at the park, he wouldn't let me take him out of the swing.


He is scared of the grass. I'm not sure if it's the fact that we don't have a plush nice yard and it's a little uneven or what. But he'll refuse to go out in it to get a toy. It's hilarious!

Look at this cute lil outfit! Can you believe those shorts at size 6-9 months from Children's Place. I bought them for last summer and they were HUGE on him and I decided to keep them in his drawer and good thing too. They fit perfectly!

Handsome lil man!

He loved wearing these sunglasses. I'd put them on him, he'd walk away, take them off and then bring them back to me to put back on.


Weight: 23 pounds 12 ounces (38th percentile)
Height: 31.5 inches (60th percentile)
Head Circumference: 19 inches (83rd percentile)

What a fun busy month! I can't believe how fast he is growing up! Slow down little guy!!!

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