04 May 2013

{Katelyn's 4th Birthday} Minnie Mouse Party

Yep it's that time already! Lil Miss is turning 4!!!

She wanted to have a Minnie Mouse party and at first I thought about trying to talk her into something else because it seems as though Minnie Mouse is for like 2 year olds, but the more I started thinking about it, I decided to let her have her wish. It was really a lot of fun planning and doing. We used the Pink Minnie Mouse and did more polka dot/pink/black than anything. It was really fun to incorporate the ears onto about everything!

All of the kids got Minnie or Mickey ears. I was pretty surprised that the kids actually left them on and wore them most of the day.

The front table

For this party, I set up a little kids table. I set it up with minnie plates and made each kid a Mickey or Minnie tumbler with their name on it. They used it for their drink and then took it home with them afterwards. I'm a big fan of trying to find practical, but inexpensive treats for our guests. No one likes the junk in some of those goody bags that just ends up in the trash. So, that was my intention with this. If they ended up in the trash after they left here, I'll never know!
Kids table.

Mantle and picture banner. I think the picture banner will be a tradition - at least for a while!

The birthday girl had a special Minnie Bow.
I attempted, for the first time, to make a stacked cake. It's a 10", 8" and the top of the cupcake mold for the 3rd layer. If's FAR from perfect, but for a 4 year old's birthday it was just fine! Hopefully they will get better over the years! There were minnie mouse shaped sugar cookies, rice krispy treats in the shape of minnie head with a boy, "4" and "K" sugar cookies and strawberry cupcakes.
The dessert table!
The tables!
The kids chowing down! There were 11 kids over the age of 2 and 4 little guys 18 months and under. The kid table worked out great! They all enjoyed being able to sit together. We just had pizza, fruit kabobs and veggies/dip for lunch. Sweet tea, tea and lemonade to drink.

The crowd!
Singing Happy Birthday to Katelyn!

Dessert time!
And of course there had to be a pinata! I couldn't find a minnie pinata that didn't have strings on it. So we ended up just cutting the strings off....but unfortunately  it only lasted about 4 kids before it broke. Oh well, the ones that didn't get to hit it didn't seem to mind. They were too busy picking up tootsie rolls!

And then we played Pin-the-Bow-on-Minnie! This was rather comical because I thought that a piece of the polka dot fabric would be fine; however, it was rather see through. Katelyn pinned the bow on minnie perfectly the first time. So after a few adjustments and a new blind it was more of a game. The bows ended up all over the place! Pretty cute!

And then it was present time! It's funny how all the girls were so close to Katelyn and wouldn't sit on the floor. They weren't trying to open her gifts, just wanted to be up close to see it all.

The many faces of Katelyn - minnie mouse!
Katelyn took a picture with each of her friends. I ended up using these as part of the thank you card and it was a huge hit! They turned out so cute I thought!! Now she can look back and see everyone that came to her party!
(Jack looks thrilled to be wearing mouse ears doesn't he?!?)

L to R: Kathleen, Sadie, Reagan

L to R: Katy, Peter and Olivia, Rileigh, Liam

L to R: Uncle Matt, Grandma and Papa, Pops and Grammie

She had a great day and I love how to came together!

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