25 May 2013

Roubidoux Rock Skippin' - Memorial Day Weekend

After we got home from Ha Ha Tonka State Park and everyone took naps, yes even Katelyn, we ate dinner and then headed to the Waynesville Park. The weather was just beautiful out. The kids played on the playground for a bit. It was difficult to break Will from the swings because every time I tried he would get upset, but once we started on our next adventure he was fine.

Katelyn's a professional rock skipper!

And Will got his first lesson in rock skipping.

He enjoyed it quite a bit.

Then we told Katelyn she could take off her shoes and wade in the water. She was hesitant at first but that quickly wore off!

Even Daddy got in for a minute, but he didn't care for the sharp rocks poking his feet AND it was a bit chilly!!

Will had on his little water shoes and got just to the edge.

Katelyn was digging for just the perfect rock and got her buns a bit wet hehee!!

And then without paying attention to what he was doing took a few steps out into the water. He immediately started screaming. I think the temperature was a shock to his system!! He wasn't so much a fan!
What a fun day we had enjoying Missouri on one of our last free weekends here!

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