11 May 2013

Saturday Night Race with Daddy

There is a racetrack about 35 miles from our house (I-44 Speedway in Lebanon) that Jack has been wanting to take Katelyn too. She said several times that she wanted to go to the races with him in Kansas and well, that's no place for a little girl. She'd never had made it for the entire race anyways. Jack has said for a while now that when the season started again (every Saturday night in the summer) he would take her and meet up with our friends, Justin and Reagan.

They had planned to go a couple weeks ago but it was rained out. But tonight was a perfect night at the races. She sported her new pink ear protection like a pro! She called them "ear mops" ahah! She obviously misheard us say them, but it was oh so cute hearing her call them that!

The races started at 6:30. There were different heats and classes of cars. She would pick out a favorite car from each of the races and cheer loudly for it. Unfortunately, her car never won.

Katelyn and her bestie, Reagan!

She had a blast and wants to go again! She especially loves one on one time with Daddy!

2 of my loves! :) Love this picture!

I think Daddy got his wish.......a race fan! And I'm sure he has another one waiting to grow up a little more before he can go too! In a few years, he can take both kids and Mommy will have a nice quiet night to myself.......but what would I do?? I'll probably just go with :)

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