13 May 2013

Medaling Gymnast

Katelyn's gymnastics class doesn't really have an "end" date but tonight, they got medals. We've been going since October and she sure has come a long ways and has enjoyed it so much-more than I would have guessed. Ms. Tutu (the director and lady wearing all black on the right of the picture) made up the room the best she could, to include streamers off the bars and stacked mats up to be medal stands. She even posed the kids so that parents could get great pictures! So cute and what a great instructor! Think we'll be so lucky to find another program like this....I'm doubtful!

Receiving her medal on the medal stand


Her class - Monday night at 4.

Posing with Ms. Tutu!

Her other 2 coaches - Coach Malea and Coach Taylor

On the trampoline

Katelyn and Rileigh (Rileigh was also in her class at school)

Beam posing!

And we can not forget the stamps at the end of the class. I think half of the kids look forward to that more than anything.
She has another month in this class and then I'm hopeful we can get started pretty soon after we get moved since she has enjoyed it so much.

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