13 April 2013

A Birthday Party and Go Carts!

 We have some good friends that  just live down the road from us....ok well 1.5 hours down the road - ain Springfield. Reagan is 3 weeks older than Katelyn so she was celebrating her 4th birthday with a party and of course we wouldn't miss it!

Katelyn with her bestie - Reagan!! They get along so well.....most of the time :)
And the next several pictures are pictures that Reagan's grandpa took. He got some cute pictures of the kids!

All the girls at the party dresses up in Reagan's new dress up dresses!
And then, after the party was over and we were getting ready to head home, we went to the go-cart track and the dads and daughters did a little racing. This was the first time for Katelyn to be in a cart and she LOVED it!! Reagan's was so excited about going too and kept talking about it all afternoon!

All strapped in!

They were the only 2 double carts on the track and you could tell they did not go as fast as the single carts. Either way Katelyn had a blast!!

There they go!!!

All done and look at that smile!

And then it was time for us to head home.

Good bye hugs....until next time!

 It's been so much fun living within a short drive of each other! Even though we are moving, we won't be too far still and hope that we can still see each other regularly!

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