16 April 2013

Medal night

Tonight was our last night of mini t-ball. Katelyn has really enjoyed it and isn't too bad either! The last few weeks they have been "playing" more of the game instead of just throwing back and forth and that has made it much more fun. This week, there were 2 infields set up in the gym and the kids got a chance to hit and then field and rotate. The hitting wasn't so bad, but the fielding was rough! HA! Kids would either run across the infield to try to get the ball or wouldn't want to move a step so the ball that should have been theres would go right by them. It was quite comical!!!

Time for instructions

Even Will was ready to play!

Coach Beth handing out the medals

She was SOO excited to get her "gold" medal!

And Jack told her to bite it.....so of course she followed those directions!

Farmer Will on a mission!!!
Now we have a few weeks off from t-ball and then the league should start. Let the comedy begin!!!!

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