09 April 2013


 Katelyn had her 5th of 6 mini tball sessions. It was a lot of fun tonight! They set up 2 infields in the gym and had each of the kids hit the ball off the tee and run to first base. They would then run to the next base each time the next kid hit. It was great practice and Katelyn did Awesome!! It was crazy how it just wasn't registering with some kids after like 50 times that you hit the ball, drop the bat and run to first. Not to mention there was a parent at each of the bases telling them to run and asking them repeatedly in between each play where they were going to run next. Not to brag, but out of the 4 that were in our group, Katelyn was hitting the ball the hardest and would automatically drop the bat and head to first. At least none of the kids tried running the wrong way after hitting! Maybe she's going to be a little softball player! Her t-ball league starts in a few weeks! She's pretty excited (as am I!)

Gotta start out the session with a little stretching!

And just a bunch of random pictures for the evening. 

Our little set up.

And she's off to third base! (Or last base as she wants to call it- we're working on that one! Especially because 3rd base is close to my heart :) )

Great hit!

Ready to head to 2nd base....where I was standing.

She smacked this one!

And was off!

And then there's Will! He just walked all over throwing and chasing a ball until it was all over and he could get his hands on one of the bats. Future baseball player?? Fine by me! 

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