22 April 2013

NASCAR Weekend

 Jack went with 5 other people to the NASCAR race in Kansas City. Jack went to this race last year and also went to several while we were in GA. He rented a camper from post and that is where all 6 of them crashed. I can only imagine how noisy it must have been in there at night with all the snoring that was probably going on. Let's just say, I'm glad I wasn't there!

The set up!
This weekend was not the best weather wise. It was CHILLY!! They spent a lot of time around this fire and man did he and all of his clothes smell like campfire when he got home. (It took 3 washes to get the smoke smell out of his clothes!)

Let's go racing boys......boogity Boogity boogity!

They watched the truck race on Saturday afternoon and the Sprint Cup race on Sunday afternoon.

Matt Kenseth was the winner on Sunday

Our neighbor went with - (the guy in the grey sweatshirt). He's from Australian Army and is here in the US for 2 years. Apparently everyone was pretty curious about his accent and he was asked countless times where he was from. I'm sure he's pretty used to it by now.

Bryan, Justin and Jack
 (This is my version of their weekend. I knew it was a fat chance that I'd get Jack to write this post, so I wrote what I know about the weekend. I'm sure there are many details not included and many that I don't want to include ;) But at least we'll have a little memory of this weekend.)

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