07 April 2013

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend! Grammie and Pops came on Friday night and stayed all weekend. Pops helped Jack get LOTS of projects done around here and Katelyn enjoyed every minute of Grammie time. (Will did too!) Good thing it's only a 3.5 hour drive because I'm pretty sure Katelyn wouldn't have been able to last any longer...we only got asked about 90 times if they were almost here.
Will LOVED being pushed around in the cozy coupe! He even knew he needed to lift his feet up.
And the weather was GORGEOUS!! It was a tad on the windy side Saturday but still nothing to complain about. We spent all afternoon outside and they still didn't want to come in when it was time. These are 2 outdoor kids!!

Katelyn has been eager to drive her car so we charged it over night. Will couldn't get enough of it. He just sat back and went along for the ride. It was absolutely priceless watching them cruise up and down the street. Just adorable!!! (Ok, I'm a little prejudice!)

Isn't this adorable?!?!?!

 Jack and his dad worked on hanging some track on the walls of the trailer so it'd be ready for our move in June. That's right- you read it - we're moving again! We'll be heading a little farther west - Fort Leavenworth will be our home for the next year and then we'll be packing up again. Gotta love this Army life. I feel like we just unpacked...and we did. Anyways, I digress.....
Will was making sure they were doing it right and checking out his future.....his future of moving.

Katelyn was blowing bubbles but he wasn't the least bit interested.

Katelyn was testing out the lawnmower and it worked quite nicely.

Will on the other hand was more concerned with why the bottle of bubbles was on the front of it. It hadn't been there before.

Pops is showing him how to use the drill.

Love those baby blues!

And little miss is posing once again

"Wow, this is a big trailer....."

The trailer even got a bath!
 On Sunday, Jack went out to the garage and of course Will wanted to go with him. He sat by the door just waiting for him to come back. Kind of like a puppy waiting for his owner.

Katelyn made a tower with the mega blocks and she wanted it as tall as her. She succeeded!

And Grammie got lots of snuggle time with Will and Katelyn too.
 In the afternoon, we went to post and participated in the Parent 2 Parent's Tell Me A Story Event. 1EN BDE commander Col Larsen read "Listen to the Wind" and then each family got a hardback copy of the book. We broke out into little groups and did a small craft and then left with a snack bag. Katelyn enjoyed it! (I used to work for the Parent 2 Parent Group at Ft. Riley when we were stationed there 6 years ago.)

Working on the craft.
How great it was to spend time with family and be able to enjoy the beautiful weather! I hope we get a few more of these weekends before summer rolls in!

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